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InSilicoTrials is an emerging startup founded in 2018 by a team of life science, cybersecurity and digital innovation experts, which aims to revolutionize Healthcare through an innovative digital simulation platform where complex computational simulations run in an easy and cost-effective way to hyper- accelerate drug & medical device development.

ScaleHealth is a marketplace for healthcare solutions. We are an innovation gateway into health organizations across the US and the world  to improve healthcare outcomes

2AMhealth: One-stop-shop for Healthtech- All-round support in commercializing technologies and bringing medical products to the market. Managing the Passago (www.passago.org) training and mentoring platform

Lombardy’s Life Sciences Cluster is a community devoted to life sciences in the Lombardy Region. It brings together public and private players in the diagnostics, advanced therapies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare technologies areas to foster progress in this sector in Lombardy and to create new business opportunities for its members

The Incubator of Politecnico di Torino supports the creation and development of high-tech innovative start-ups with a high growth potential.

Entopan Harmonic Innovation Hub is  a platform for innovation at the service of the Euro-Mediterranean area, which accompanies companies and territories in the challenges of digital and technological, green and circular, social and economic transition.